How to Successfully Find a Job?

I have helped many people from various backgrounds and experience to find a job.  There is no doubt that there is a lot of work that must be done and a lot of time to devote to it.

The process and the wait can be overwhelming, but you must dig your heels in the sand and stand steadfast.  Financial security is the main driver for finding a job and the sooner the better so we can pay rent, put food on the table and provide the basic necessities for our families.   With this comes panic when we can’t find a job quickly enough, and when panic sets in it builds frustration and many other reactions.  However, with a proper plan we can eliminate the panic.

Before we dive into a few tools and steps to take to secure a job we must tell ourselves that it will take time and, in the meantime, we must live our lives to the best of our ability.  As tough as it is, have a positive outlook and stay positive.

What are some of the tools you will need for your job search?

  • An impactful resume
  • Networking skills
  • A LinkedIn profile and strategy
  • Solid interview techniques
  • A mentor and coach

You must also know yourself and the value you bring to the table.  Believe in your skills and competencies and let your confidence shine through.   Get comfortable talking about yourself. People are attracted to positive people, so remember that a negative personality will push people away. 

Connecting with people is key to securing a foot in the door.  Therefore, when you make those connections keep a smile on your face and show others that you are someone who they want on their team.

I cannot stress the next point enough because it is something that has helped me on my journey, and that is to help others along the way.  Lend an ear to listen to others who are going through the same stresses as you and collaborate for best practices.  This will definitely make you feel better when things look bleak.

If your finances are running low while you wait for the job you want, you may want to consider doing anything to tie you over.  Jobs like working in a restaurant as a waiter/waitress, administrative duties, a cashier, or Uber driver.  This will take the edge off until you find something up your alley.

Join a group or even volunteer, you never know who you may meet or make an impression on.  Its all about making those connections and building relationships. 

Take care of yourself mentally and physically.  Eat well and get some physical activity, it helps to boost your mood.  Read positive and uplifting material and enjoy the journey.  Chances are you will have to go through it again. 

Good Luck!